To evolve our clients’ grids from static to dynamic, transparent systems in which all stakeholders can participate and that contribute to sustainable economic development and business growth.


Connect more customers to your grid without adding more capacity

Energy Mix

Connect more renewables to your grid without impact and with less emissions

Power Quality

Prioritise your network so it delivers power quality and reliability

Customer Rewards

Reward customers for access to their assets and establish trust in delivering transparent and affordable services

Marketplace Diversity

Bring new providers on board and reduce costs while meeting new constraints. Level the playing field between prosumers, distributed and large generators with a reward-for-participation model

Simplification & Security

Secure, transparent reporting with reduced complexity and cost.

Do you have bucket loads of data and don’t know what to do with it? Do you already have lots of network sensors but can’t turn that data into information and valuable decisions?

Tukio’s capability and expertise utilise leading edge practices with big-data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to bring value and solve problems using existing data. Through collaboration we help utilities to make confident business decisions with real-time insights compared to months and years.

Rob Ashdown

Rob Ashdown

Managing Director

Rob is a specialist in understanding project development, equity investment and risk transfer for the energy sector globally.

Peter Newland

Peter Newland


With over 27 years experience in the utilities industry, Peter has led many key business initiatives including strategic business model development through to IT enterprise transformations.

Joe Thorne

Joe Thorne


Joe has spent over 20 years in the utilities industry providing strategic technological and business advice to companies within Australia and across the world.

Let us simplify your grid decision making.